Fire / Property Insurance

Fire/Property Insuirance

LIC Fire Insurance provides protection for your residential, commercial, warehouse and industrial

 buildings completed or under construction

 machinery and equipment

 tools, spare parts and accessories

 stocks in trade, goods or merchandise

 household/business appliances, utensils, furniture, fixtures and fittings

 personal effects of every kind and description (excluding cash, jewelries, antiques and works of art)

 betterments and improvements

and other properties that can be covered against losses or damage cause by Fire and/or Lightning

A broad range of possible damages to your property from the following allied perils can be extended and covered:

 Earthquake Fire/Shock

 Typhoon

 Flood

 Extended Coverage (Smoke, Vehicle Impact, Falling Aircraft Explosion).

 Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage

 Broad Water Damage

 Accidental Bursting and/or Overflowing of Water Tanks, Pipes and Apparatus

 Sprinkler Leakage

 Landslide/Subsidence

 Robbery/Burglary

LIC Fire Insurance also provides Homeshield Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, Commercial All Risk Insurance for your property.