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The need and importance for finding the right insurance for your vehicle couldn’t be simpler. Motor Car Insurance protects you against financial loss for damages resulting from vehicle accidents, burglary, theft, natural catastrophes and other unforeseen events according to your policy type that would fit to your individual requirements.

With Liberty Insurance Corporation. You can get the most of your money, peace of mind and the right cover for your private car, commercial vehicle, motorcycle and other vehicles that can be covered.

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL)

is a basic coverage required by the law that every vehicle owner needs to get before registering a vehicle with the Land Transportation Office (LTO). CTPL will protect the vehicle owner in case of a road mishap resulting to death, disablement, injuries and/ or medical expenses to third parties.

Comprehensive Cover

Insurance coverage for your vehicle that provides protection for you, your vehicle and third parties in case of an accident.

Loss/Damage (L/D) or Own Damage/Theft (OD/Theft)

Protects your vehicle from the damages through an accident and insurance against theft.

Excess Bodily Injury

This coverage pays liability in excess of limit under CTPL.

Third Party Property Damage

Provides coverage for damages to third party vehicles or properties that have been damaged by the insured person.

Acts of Nature (AON)

Protects your vehicle it gets damaged in the aftermatch caused by earthquake, typhoon, flood, volcanic eruption and other natural calamities.

Auto Passenger Personal Accident

The driver and the passengers of the vehicle will be covered in the event of death or bodily injury sustained in an accident.

LIC 24/7 Roadside Assistance

24-hour roadside assistance that provides vehicle, personal and insurance assistance in the event of an accident or vehicle breakdown while travelling. The vehicle should not be more than 12 years old.

LIC Homeshield
LIC Homeshield Insurance