Casualty Insurance

Casualty Insurance

Liberty Insurance Corporation¬†provides the following kinds of casualty lines of insurance that is primarily concerned with the protection of the insured’s properties and business.

Comprehensive General Liability (CGL)

a kind of insurance to protect against legal liabilities which the insured may incur for bodily injuries and property damage to third parties happening at the premises of the insured in connection with the business operation.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

an insurance product that indemnifies the employers against loss of cash/monies, checks, negotiable instruments of goods belonging to the employer as a result of fraud and dishonesty committed by their employees.

Money, Securities and Payroll Robbery Insurance (MSPR)

Section 1 – Loss of Money and Securities within Premises

Cash money on hand or accumulated amount of money derived from the business operation or cash money kept in locked drawers or cash registers or locked safes, vault or strong room when the premises are closed for business.

Section 2 – Loss of money and Securities Outside Premises

This coverage is limited to money and securities and while in the personal charge or custody of the insured’s authorized messenger/employee whilst in direct transit from premises to bank or client and vice-versa.

Liberty Insurance Corporation also provides the following other types of insurance:

Medical Liability (Medical Malpractice)

Professional Indemnity

Directors and Officers Liability

Errors and Ommission