ALL Occasion Card

What is All Occasion Card?

All Occasion Card is a Personal Accident Card that provides benefits/indemnity in case of losses to then or physical well-being of an insured arising out of accident.

Who may avail All Occasion Card?

You can use our All Occasion Card or give it to anyone the gift of one (1) year insurance protection at an affordable price from Liberty Insurance Corporation Online.

What are the benefits and limits of All Occasion Card?

  • Accidental Loss of Life Indemnity

When injury result in loss of life of the insured twelve (12) months after the date of the accident, the company will pay the Principal Sum of Php 50,000.

  • Permanent Disablement Benefits

When injury does not result in loss of life of the insured within twelve (12) months after the occurence of the accident, but does result in any following losses within (12) calendar months, the company will pay for the loss of:

Total Permanent loss of use of a member shall be treated as loss of such member. Where, however, there is loss of two or more parts of the hands the percentage payable shall not be more than the loss of the whole hand. Where the disablement is not specified, the Company will adopt a percentage which in its opinion is consistent with the provisions of the table.