Mediphone 24/7 Telephone Medical Advice

What is Mediphone?

Mediphone is a telephone service which offers clinical guidance and medical advice 24 hours a day, providing medical support for matters relating to the health of the customer and their eligible family members.

 What are the benefits of Mediphone?

  • Mediphone is a medical service provided over the phone which offers to the customer: Medical advice on 24/7 basis provided by qualified medical professionals and doctors pertaining to medical and technical support for all health-related questions
  • Mediphone provides medical advice that includes but it is not limited to the following:

– Doubts about medical emergencies and first aid treatments

– Situations that may not represent and emergency, where the patient will be in contact with a doctor who will evaluate his/her health condition and will give the appropriate medical advice

– Medical emergency consultation

– Advice on first aid treatment

 What are the services included?

  • Health tips
  • Guidance on cardiovascular diseases
  • Medical directory assistance service
  • Medical service provider referral
  • Questions on the evolution of different treatments
  • Smoke-out therapies
  • Advice on:

– Elderly care

– Chronic illnesses

– Drug dependency treatments

– Baby care and meternity orientation

– Different physician’s specialties

– Hygiene and dietary concerns

  • Information about:

– Means and ways of patient’s repatriation

– Prescription: reactions to medicines, side effects contraindications, etc.

– Preventive health

– Nearest open drugstore or public/private emergency services (hospitals)

– Diagnostic test interpretation