Marine Insurance

In the commercial age of today. Marine Insurance has become most important insurance in the field of insurance for losses incidental to a marine adventure.

If your business imports its products, you are investing in your company every time you ship cargo. The sending of goods by the sea from one country to another country involves many perils and dangers during the transshipment, so it is necessary to get the goods insured. The companies who are importing the goods will like to ensure the safe arrival of their goods.

Liberty Insurance Corporation provides the following insurance coverages for anyone involved in trade and commercial enterprise or in buying and selling (manufacturers, traders/commodity brokers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors).

Marine Cargo Insurance

covers goods, merchandise and other movable properties aboard the vessel from one point to another.

Inland Marine

covers the insured’s property while in transit over land from one location to another.

Engineering Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance